Can I make changes?

We have many pre-planned options for customizing our floor plans. We have spent years listening to what our customers like or dislike in a living space. We have responded by updating and expanding our plans. If a particular home plan is just not quite right for you, we will tweak it we can. If not, we have many different plans to choose from and will do our best to find a plan that will work best for you.

Why isn't more included standard?

Back in the day when money was abundant, builders started including everything as standard to compete with other builders in the market. Whether you really wanted an option or not, y ou were buying it!
When the bubble burst and financing became more difficult to obtain, builders started taking things out to make new construction homes affordable for more people. Today's market now gives you the option of selecting only the things that are most important to you, while still keeping the price within your budget.

Does it come with landscaping or a deck?

Landscaping and decks are not included. If you want a landscaping package or a deck rolled into your mortgage we will be happy to price it out for you and oversee the installation. Prices will vary depending on your home site and how extensive the plan is.

What is included in the base price?

All standard flooring heating, plumbing, lighting, dishwasher and range hood are included. The level and location of those finishes will vary based on the price point of the home you choose.