About Us

Since our first house was built in 1980, we have won numerous awards and accolades for building homes that are both beautiful and practical. These award-winning homes offer excellent design, quality construction, location and value. We understand the unique needs of today’s customer and strive to meet your needs. 

Why Steuer & Associates?

• A dedicated builder that has thrived for over thirty years.
• An experienced team of sales consultants, home designers and construction managers.
• Exceptional service throughout the construction process.
• State-of-the-art home designs, materials and workmanship.
• We can build on our property or yours, if you choose.

Energy-Efficient Homes

At Steuer & Associates, we understand the importance of building an energy-efficient home. Our homes feature Low-E glass windows, 90+ direct vent gas furnaces, direct vent gas water heaters, and energy seals to reduce drafts and air infiltration. You will enjoy lower energy bills and improved comfort.


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