"We hired Steuer & Associates, Inc. as a construction manager for our home in the spring of 2011. Despite early setbacks with trouble getting a build permit which ultimately delayed the whole process, they were very communicative throughout our time together. Once the early issues were resolved, Steuer & Associates completed our home in a quality and timely fashion. We moved in our new home in November, 2011. We are very satisfied with our new home and highly recommend your company to others."
 Shasha Zhang

"I want to thank your organization in resolving issues related to decks or patios being erected on the back of our homes in Columbia Square.
I had contacted the Canton Building Department who told me that your organization had been working with the planning department concerning this issue. Robert at the site told me that your legal team took a look at it and found a fix so that Canton would back off their position.
Great work! This definitely could have been a big issues for the homeowners there in the complex.
I have great respect for your organization in all that you do for us."
 Thank you…. Bill & Debra Piper